+ Weight Management

+ Cardiovascular & Metabolic

+ Anti-ageing & Wellbeing

+ Cognitive


· weight loss

· thermogenesis

· glucose

· insulin

· lipids

· liver

· antioxidant

· anti-inflammatory

· skin

· brain

Nektium´s Undaria extract from Undaria pinnatifida, commonly known as Wakame, is standardized to over 5% fucoxanthin, a carotenoid with a unique structure that differs from other carotenoids.

Wakame is an edible brown seaweed rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins and has an ancient history of alimentary use in Asia.

Published research has reported thermogenic activity, neuroprotective properties and protective effects on heart, liver and skin.

Recently, neuroprotective activities have been reported on Wakame, including antioxidant, anti-neuroinflammatory, cholinesterase inhibitory activity and inhibition of neuronal death.

Botanical origin

Undaria pinnatífida


Fucoxanthin ≥ 5%

Chemical structures

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