We are a nutraceutical company located on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain.

Our company was born out of two friends’ shared passion for the phytochemistry and pharmacology of little known botanicals and their applications in health and wellness.

Today we are still defined by this solid foundation of dedicated relationships and our love for nature and research.


Dr. Miguel Jiménez


Nektium’s founder, CEO, owner and president, Dr. Miguel Jiménez, graduated in Biology and completed a PhD in Marine Sciences. Early on in his scientific career he took a special interest in the research of plant based active compounds. Inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit, Nektium has grown under his careful leadership of 20 years to a leading producer and brand owner of quality botanical ingredients.

Dr. Nigel Gericke


Our Science Director, Dr. Nigel Gericke, is a medical doctor, ethnopharmacologist, ethnobotanist and pioneer researcher of innovative plant medicines. Among the many phyto medicines he has developed is the highly acclaimed botanical, Sceletium tortosum, a powerful anti-anxiety and cognitive health ingredient.

Dr. Julia Wiebe


Our R & D Director, Dr. Julia Wiebe energetically leads our new product development strategy and oversees the in-house and external research of our ingredients.  She is a trained agricultural engineer and biologist who completed her PhD in molecular biology and immunology.

Beatriz Ercilla


Beatriz has led Nektium’s QA strategy for the past 10 years and ensures that our meticulous processes are compliant with the highest quality standards. She studied chemistry specialized in the field of analytical and organic synthesis and holds a number of Master degrees in the management of operations and quality, prevention of industrial hazards, health and safety and in international cooperation development.

Bruno Berheide


Our Strategy and Business Development Director, Bruno Berheide was formerly managing the Spanish bank of algae.  He is a trained oceanographer and SME’s internationalization expert.  Bruno sets Nektium’s strategic direction and manages our distributor relationships in the Americas.

Roberto Jiménez


Roberto Jiménez is an industrial engineer who has 20 years experience in the biotechnology (micro and macro algae intensive production) and renewable energies sector. Since 2012 he serves Nektium as our Engineering Director supervising our production and technical departments.

Iballa Léon


Our Director of Finance, Iballa León, has worked with us for the past 11 years. Under her expert guidance Nektium is able to deliver swift and smooth customer administration service. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Administration and Business management and completed a MBA.


  • More than 20 years experience
  • 10.000m2 manufacturing facility
  • Processing capacity of up to 20mT raw material per day
  • 350m2 in 3 laboratories
  • In-house R&D laboratory capabilities with 1 medical doctor
  • 50 employees , 42% women



Biotechnologists and friends,
Dr. Miguel Jiménez and Dr. Zakir Ramazanov
founded PoliNat


We go into a strategic alliance with PLT Health Solutions in the USA and launch our first branded ingredient, Xanthigen®


We receive our first cGMP certification


We launch our popular Rhodiolife® branded ingredient. We are global leaders in the production of Rhodiola rosea since 1998


We receive our first FSSC 22000 certification


We change our name from PoliNat to Nektium, expand our R&D department and move into our new state of the art production facility


We launch Zynamite®, our caffeine replacement innovation. Zynamite® is chosen as the winner of the best sports nutrition ingredient at the Nutraingredients Awards