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Nektium has won the NutraIngredients USA Award with our Zynamite® PX

Nektium is proud to win the NutraIngredients Awards 2024 USA for Zynamite® PX in the “Nutrition Research Project” category, validating our dedication to innovative research in the nutraceutical industry. Zynamite® PX, a unique blend of Mango Leaf extract and quercetin, enhances mental and physical performance, and has been extensively studied in collaboration with the University of Las Palmas. This patented, fast-acting ingredient boosts power, performance, and recovery, acting as an exercise-mimetic. Its benefits, including immediate energy, increased power, and faster recovery, allow users to train smarter. This award underscores our commitment to advancing nutritional science and delivering high-quality botanicals. We thank our academic partners, especially Prof. Jose Calbet, our commercial partner PLT Health, and NutraIngredients USA. This recognition is a testament to our perseverance and commitment. Thank you.

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Nektium Joins DHL GoGreen Plus Project for a Sustainable Future

Nektium has joined the DHL GoGreen Plus project, supporting Deutsche Post DHL Group’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. By participating in this initiative, Nektium can reduce the carbon emissions from its air shipments through the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), thereby making its supply chain more sustainable and lowering its Scope 3 emissions, which encompass indirect emissions from its value chain.

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Nektium obtains Nagoya BioTrade permit for sustainable honeybush sourcing

Nektium has obtained its first BioTrade permit under the Nagoya Protocol for the sustainable and ethical sourcing of honeybush from South Africa. This permit ensures fair sharing of benefits with local communities and aligns with Nektium’s commitment to sustainability. Nektium collaborates with local supplier Agulhas Honeybush Tea and distributor Parceval, and will share profits and offer internships to members of the San and Khoisan councils, fostering sustainable cultivation and community upliftment.

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