Why we care

We firmly believe that companies have to take a leading role in providing prosperity while, at the same time, not depleting the planet’s resources and health. That is why, from how we conceive new products and how we source our raw materials through our processing and packaging methods, we are continuously working on integrating more environmentally sustainable practices into every corner of our business and encouraging and supporting our partners to do so too.

We want to do the right things, going the extra-mile to care about human health and wellbeing from a wider perspective, and preserving the planet for generations to come. As we design and manufacture products thinking on people’s wellness, we are aware that we have to do it in a way that generates less negative environmental impact, considering also the well-being of our planet.

In summary, we are fully committed to care about people while treasuring nature and set ourselves quantified objectives to demonstrate our promise.


How we bring our grain of sand

To begin with, we actively place Sustainability (economic, environmental and social) at the core of Nektium’s Corporate Strategy and within our mindset.  Within our corporate strategy, we introduced a specific pillar on sustainability and appointed a Sustainability Director who reports directly to the owner of Nektium.

This document synthetizes our environmental commitment and acts at all times as guidance to our employees and other involved stakeholders in the successful deployment of our strategic roadmap for Sustainability.

Our commitment is manifested by:

  • Introducing sustainability criteria for new product developments and/or optimizations: From the very early stages (Ideation) we consider all parameters linked with Environmental Sustainability, including how to valorize all side-streams for zero waste, how to innovate in the extraction techniques using less solvents, energy, and hazards, or considering efficient extraction ratios, among other measures to protect the environment and make most efficient use of resources.
  • Guaranteeing smart raw material selection: Full supply chain control is a key driver for Nektium to assure transparency, sustainable and sustained supply as a credible promise to our customers. We select suppliers that achieve the highest levels of commitment to the environmental protection, provided that our commercial relationship is technically feasible.When raw materials are adaptable to our climate region, we aspire that cultivation will take place in the Canary Islands. In case this is not feasible, due to the characteristics of the plant, we undertake all efforts that our raw material sourcing will be in accordance with the Nagoya Protocol, when applicable. Our aim is to assure that all our suppliers are committed to Nektium’s values and, in this regard, we work hard to build strong long-term partnerships and on help them align with the core principles of our supplier homologation system.
  • Contributing to environmental preservation through crop growing: Our intention is to work mainly with cultivated and organic plants. And we are committed not to promote genetically modified species. Backward integration to ensure full control over the supply of the raw material is one of our drivers. We will manage backward integration fully ourselves, be it via own cultivation or contract farming. This will contribute to compensate our carbon footprint and regulate the climate change via increased CO2 sequestration, as well as positively impact on nature conservation (biodiversity protection, mitigation of soil erosion, regenerative agriculture, precision farming, amongst others).
  • Optimizing the manufacturing and processing activities: We envision to minimize our water consumption, packaging, and chemical products at our facilities, along with monitoring our use of energy, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality and prevent pollution. This is supported by the highly efficient and eco-friendly design of our facilities. In fact, our processes are fully optimized to generate almost zero waste and to valorized all relevant side-streams, under circular economy principles.
  • Complying with all legal requirements in environmental matters: We are fully committed to assure our legal compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations as well as all commitments we may voluntarily establish as a part of our Corporate Strategy deployment.
  • Committing ourselves to protect the environment actively and consciously: Considering all previous elements, Nektium is fully engaged in the preservation and conservation of the environment. Regarding our direct environmental impact, Nektium is determined to implement a continuous improvement system in order to monitor our environmental performance (with the associated metrics and indicators) on a yearly basis with the aim of reducing progressively our negative impact while assuring the corresponding deployment of preventive measures and corrective actions.


Which are our goals

We look to reduce our ecological footprint, achieve the entire company carbon-neutral, only use renewable energies, guarantee all botanical raw materials are based on fully sustainable resources, and assure all relevant side-streams are commercially exploited.

Our aspiration is to have:

  1. 100% of our energy consumption is via renewable energy sources
  2. Net zero greenhouse gas emissions (looking for positive impact)
  3. 20% reduction in consumption of energy, water, packaging, and chemical products
  4. Fully sustained, sustainable and transparent product value chain
  5. Focus on circular economy and making use of by-products to avoid unnecessary waste


This is a living document as we are constantly looking to stretch our boundaries.


Last updated: Las Palmas, August 2022


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