Our vision

Deeply rooted on the island of Gran Canaria and having a history of working with unexplored botanicals from stunning locations, we have a profound respect for sustainability and care just as much about how we work as what we produce.

We are on a journey to becoming a Certified B Corporation, transitioning towards a transparent purpose-driven business, being conscious about how our products contribute to sustainable development and how our operations are conceived and managed for a positive impact. We commit ourselves to make our efforts actionable and issuing an annual sustainability report.

We are making meaningful changes with and for our stakeholders, fostering partnerships based on transparency, authenticity and trust. This also means investing in our people, collaborators, research capabilities and eco-friendly technology, to keep bringing innovative plant-based solutions to the market in a responsible way.

Economic sustainability

Nature evolves – so do we

We continously learn and develop our knowledge so we can offer expert understanding of the behaviour and use of our extracts. We continue to invest in our in-house research and development capabilities as well as our laboratory facilities and sophisticated pilot plant for rapid prototyping.

Sustainability is the foundation for our products. From an economic perspective, our strategic roadmap focuses on:

Enhancing the value propositions of our current portfolio

Investing in research and technology to offer new products

Exploring related sectors for our botanical extracts

Fostering long-term partnerships along our entire value chain

Putting in value all our production side‑streams

Deploying our economic strategy and establishing our key pillars will help us contribute to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Environmental sustainability

Contributing to a healthier planet

From how we source our raw materials through to our processing and packaging, we are continuously working on integrating more environmentally sustainable practices into every aspect of our business and supporting our partners to do so, too.

We are committed to establishing a solid environmental management system. These are some of the key targets we have set ourselves to achieve:

100% of our energy consumption via renewable energy sources

Net zero greenhouse gas emission, fostering CO2 sequestration


20% reduction of energy, water, packaging and chemicals

Fully sustainable and transparent product value chain

Focus on circular economy, making full use of by-products

Deploying our environmental sustainability strategy and establishing our key pillars will help us contribute to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Social sustainability

Our people make everything possible

We care about people. In fact, it’s at the centre of everything we do now and aspire to do in the future.  While delivering our high-quality botanical ingredient solutions to the market, we’re also thinking about every individual along the value chain.

We are engaged in developing and building upon social sustainability. Our people-first culture includes: 

Stimulating employee engagement in an inspiring environment

Fostering workforce diversity, equity and inclusion

Nurturing a philanthropic culture for local communities

Engaging suppliers to our sustainability values and principles

Promoting a fully fair-trade certified value chain

Placing consumer wellbeing at the heart of our purpose

Deploying our social sustainability strategy and establishing our key pillars will help us contribute  to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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