Proudly rooted in the Canary Islands

Culturally in Europe, geographically close to Africa and traditionally trading with America – our unique location has driven us to constantly innovate and create solid partnerships.

Our story

Since 1997, our love for nature and leveraging it to improve global health and wellness hasn’t waned. Instead, it has continued to flourish as we diversify our offering, via careful and responsible sourcing and developing and processing innovative botanicals in our outstanding manufacturing facilities. Through open dialogue with our partners, we understand the root of their needs.

At Nektium we create a perfect balance – respected and comprehensive scientific and technological expertise meets a future‑facing, progressive portfolio. Together, they represent our contribution to the health and wellbeing of people worldwide.

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Innovation at Nektium is about developing solutions holistically
to drive economic growth for our customers.

Our value drivers

Meet our main contributors through which we assure delivering value to our
customers, partners, suppliers, employees and everyone we interact with.


Explore our corporate vision and endeavors on sustainability

Why Nektium?

We are more than a botanical extracts provider.
We also partner to offer added value – through our team, culture, technologies and scientific expertise.

Our Ways of Working

Our botanical experts are driven by curiosity to understand the traditional use of botanicals

From the Ground up

We source raw material from trusted suppliers, ensuring sustainable agricultural practices

Reliable Processing

All our operations are under one roof, ensuring safety and quality every step of the way

Gentle Extraction

Our advanced technologies only use water and ethanol to guarantee clean label products

Concentration & Purification

We develop and manufacture products that mirror their natural phytochemical profile

Delivering our Value

We are flexible and agile in shipping our botanicals to any of your desired destinations

The essence of Nektium

We believe great things in business are never achieved by one person alone.

Extraction expertise secures long-term contract

Nektium was approached by a prospective customer to support in the extract production of a botanical sourced from Africa.

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New industrial plant for vegetal and fruit extracts

After being awarded a grant of €2,679,131 the construction of Nektium’s new production facilities in Gran Canaria began in 2015.

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