Meet Elderberry

The most common of Elderberry varieties is Sambucus nigra, also known as the European elderberry or black elder – which is native to Europe. Elderberries have a dark purple colour, which is the main source of anthocyanins. Nektium´s Elderberry extract is carefully produced in our European, organic-certified GMP facilities.



Packed full of beneficial antioxidants, the fruits of the elderberry bush are known to boost the immune system, helping to prevent and ease the symptoms of the common cold or flu while furthermore supporting heart health.


  • May help reduce the symptoms of influenza
  • May help reduce the duration of an influenza infection
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Helps maintain healthy blood vessels


Nektium works with an approved, long-standing supplier from Central Europe providing Sambucus nigra Haschberg cultivar (with an intense color & flavor).

Black Elder is the species of choice because of the science supporting the benefits of this plant. While all elderberries contain anthocyanins, the Haschberg cultivar typically contains higher levels. Anthocyanins are known for their antioxidant properties, playing a key role in neutralizing free radicals.

As our supplier offers highest quality raw material, Nektium is able to offer different grades of standardized extracts. Our offering includes both, conventional and organic certified material.


Nektium guarantees a high quality, adulteration-free product through an ID Assessment Program which combines different methodologies, including fingerprint analysis for identification & quantification of anthocyanins, DNA sequential barcoding for authenticity as well as a standardization of biomarkers.

These complementary methodologies allow us to confirm product identity from raw materials to finished product, guaranteeing traceability, purity, safety and quality of the supplied ingredient to our customers.



Did you know?

The black elder was a tree commonly found in many gardens and used as an immune booster for generations.

Product references

  • Elderberry 6%*


    Sambucus nigra (fruit)


    Total anthocyanins ≥ 6%


    Organic cultivated

  • * Product available as conventional & organic

  • Elderberry 10%*


    Sambucus nigra (fruit)


    Total anthocyanins ≥ 10%


    Organic cultivated


Nektium Pharma SL holds GMP certification (ES19/85835) and FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification (ES19/86276) by SGS.

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From our trusted relationships with our suppliers and ensuring responsible sourcing, to how we carefully treat the raw botanicals at our specialist facilities, we are more than just an ingredients supplier.

We truly understand the fingerprint of our branded ingredients and our expert technical team can support you to adapt them for a wide range of specific needs and uses right through from lab to consumer.

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