The opportunity

Nektium was approached by a prospective customer to support in the extract production of a botanical sourced from Africa. Chosen for our experience and expertise in this area, we set about developing a customised process for the botanical in question, to ensure the preservation of its actives and to retain its stable physicochemical properties.

The project

After evaluating the raw material and developing a unique production process, we officially began commercial production in 2012. Since then, we have invested in new technological equipment and continued to optimise to ensure the production yield is as efficient as possible.

The outcome

Nektium has been the trusted EU GMP manufacturer for this extract for close to a decade. We continue to apply our knowledge and expertise to the process, evaluating and optimising to guarantee the best results for our valued customer.

New industrial plant for vegetal and fruit extracts

After being awarded a grant of €2,679,131 the construction of Nektium’s new production facilities in Gran Canaria began in 2015.

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