Our reputation speaks for itself

We go the extra mile to thoroughly understand your challenges, develop the most suitable technological solution and, if requested, we can cover the actual production of your botanical extract.

Contract Development

We put our expertise and experience at the service of our existing and future business partners. Sourcing of botanicals, production and formulation technologies, analytical capabilities and method development – we cover the entire value chain.

We can assist you in the development of your botanical products, including the development of the analytical methods. We assure the technology transfer to your own production location or can also produce your product at our commercial production site.

Contract Manufacturing

The extensive knowledge and experience of Nektium’s technical and scientific staff allows us to have great speed and flexibility in the development and optimization of the manufacturing processes of nutraceutical extracts, using botanical raw materials of very diverse nature.

Our pilot plant has been designed bearing in mind multiple purposes, such as the optimization of production processes, the acceleration of new product development, scale-up, and even the production of small commercial batches up to 10 kg.

Together with our manufacturing capacity of 20 mT of raw material per day, this allows us to adapt and respond to the demands and wishes of our clients from the initial conception of the projects, to the production of commercial extracts at industrial scale.

We are eager to assist you. Let us know more about your goals.