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We are well aware that botanical extracts are no longer exclusive to a specialised niche such as the nutraceutical sector with traditional dosage forms like pills, capsules, tablets and sachets.

Botanicals are expanding into a much broader spectrum within the food sector in an effort to add health benefits, enhanced stability or even specific colors and organoleptic characteristics to foods and beverages.

Our plant-derived extracts can provide all of this, are vegan, scientifically supported and manufactured with full transparency and traceability.

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The integration of botanical extracts into food and beverages requires a high degree of knowledge in phytochemistry and food science to anticipate potential ingredient interactions and safety issues.

With our dedicated Application Laboratory, our team of experts in process technology, science and application can assist you ad hoc in the full inclusion of our ingredients into your product format.

Our aspiration goes beyond providing health benefits to food and beverages, it is also about functionality, providing seamless integration, stability and the finest quality to your formulations.

Did you know?

Our Rhodiolife® and our Zynamite®
are used in beverages, cereal bars, gummies and various other food formats

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