We care

At Nektium, our passion for the health and nutrition landscape goes beyond ingredients. It inspires everything we do, from how we source our raw materials, through to processing at our specialised facilities and working with customers globally in the dynamic nutraceutical industry to ensure they get the most out of nature’s finest produce.

With more than 25 years under our belt, we are the nutraceutical ingredient manufacturer of choice to develop innovative health and nutrition products with safe, evidence-based botanical ingredients.

Count on us

We are on a quest to enhance global health and wellbeing through discovering innovative new ways of tapping into the bioactive potential of botanicals.

We harness the best of nature to develop products with proven efficacy. Our expert multidisciplinary team is dedicated to finding the best solution for your product needs, while considering consumer demands such us daily dose, suitability for integration into the daily routine, etc.

With the benefit of our pilot plant for rapid prototyping and a substantial processing capacity in our manufacturing facility, we can support you every step of the way, to take your vision from lab to consumer.

Discover our health and nutrition botanical extracts