Engineering at the service of phytochemistry

Our team of experienced engineers and scientists operates the most advanced production resources  at our 10’000m2 extraction plant and 320 m2 laboratories.

World-class technologies

We use technology strategically to help achieve transparent and sustainable processing.

Aligned with clean label requirements, we employ gentle extraction methods when producing our ingredients, using only water and ethanol.

This is supported by fast and versatile production equipment, to ensure a quick turnaround for our partners.

The best technology is only as good as the people who operate and optimize it for which we have an outstanding and dedicated team.

Our technical processes

We look to manufacture products that mirror their natural phytochemical profile, using exclusively green extraction methods.

When it comes to concentration and purification, we minimise the thermal stress and the use of ethanol, employing advanced technologies to concentrate and separate the bioactive compounds in each extract.

In processing, we are equipped with technologies that allow us to adapt our products to your needs, such as pasteurization, low temperature spray drying, micro-encapsulation and granulation.

The soul of our plant

Nektium’ manufacturing and analytical capabilities for the extraction, concentration, purification and drying of botanical extracts include a wide variety of state-of-the-art technologies, giving us great flexibility in developing and manufacturing food grade ingredients to the highest quality standards.

Our operators and technicians are highly qualified and continuously trained to be versatile. We also have a team fully devoted to cleaning, making no compromise when it comes to food safety. And our warehouse team extends our focus on food safety compliance all the way to shipping. The soul of our plant represents 40% of our entire Nektium workforce.

Organic operator

Fully conscious about how important is to offer truly organic products for health-and sustainability minded consumers, Nektium is a certified organic operator.

By achieving this goal, we have yet taken another step towards realising our sustainability objectives.

From incoming organic raw material through to processing and final product storage in the warehouse, each step is carefully designed to separate organic from conventional material to prevent cross-contamination. A thorough cleaning procedure is installed, allowing for safe environmentally-friendly and ethically responsible organic ingredients.