Our holistic approach

Our vision on quality overarches the whole value chain, from careful sourcing, raw material control and processing at our GMP-compliant manufacturing facilities through to storage and finished product release.

We build in quality in everything we do

From selecting raw materials to delivering our products, we have established a seemless process, smartly integrating sourcing, quality control, process technology, production and application.

Peace of mind

We offer full traceability providing you peace of mind so you can benefit from safe, transparent ingredient solutions.

Our highly skilled and PhD-qualified analytical chemists in our in-house laboratory have implemented rigorous quality assurance procedures and integrated quality control systems to guarantee every batch of our extracts meets the required specifications.

Having manufacturing and warehousing on our premises, fully managed by ourselves, allows us to apply the same strict quality procedures all the way to shipping of our products.

Confirming our promise

Even though we build in quality, we go the extra mile to prove it every step of the way. We develop our own analytical methods for each of our raw materials and products.

Our dedicated physico-chemical laboratory with advanced analytical instrumentation, includes amongst others, Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) coupled to gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC-MS).

We use a systematic approach of in-process control analysis of active substances, combined with finished product release after monitoring micro, contaminants and pesticides. Running statistical analysis of all data generated allows us to optimise product quality and production processes.

Validating excellence

We proactively monitor consumer trends and the regulatory framework in which we operate. We adjust our procedures accordingly to comply with all relevant regulations.

We have EU-GMP certification for the manufacture of nutraceutical ingredients, have obtained FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification and are FDA registered. Recently, we have also been granted with the certification as organic operator.

Working exclusively in botanicals, all of our products are vegetarian and vegan.

Having our customer needs on our mind, we also offer specific certifications, such as the BSCG certified drug free status of Rhodiolife®.

Careful sourcing for high quality

A fully controlled and transparent value chain is at the core of the Nektium promise.
We will not compromise what is in our DNA.

Identification & Authenticity

Authenticity starts off with the careful selection of potential suppliers based on extensive quality and sustainability parameters.

We conduct rigorous plant identity procedures, including macroscopic, sensorial, Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography profiles combined with DNA barcode analysis, Colour Measurement Spectrophotometer as well as UV/VIS spectrophotometer.

Thanks to these procedures, we can identify adulterations and product fraud prior to homologating  our suppliers.

Supplier homologation

The rigorous selection and homologation process for suppliers goes beyond the quality of the plant material as it also includes our sustainability principles.

We go to great length to ensure that the materials from our trusted and qualified suppliers are formally identified, sustainably harvested and carefully conditioned, stored and transported.

While we have full confidence in our suppliers, we still run approximately 200 tests per year to confirm the identity of the plant material and perform more than 300 tests annually to verify the compliance with existing regulation, including contaminants, micro, ETO, PAH, PA, amongst others.

We only work with a handful of select suppliers who fulfil the highest standards in order to provide our customers with the best-in-class products only.

Did you know?

Each batch we produce is covered by more than 50 protocols, 20 procedures and over 30 analyses.