Knowledge and expertise

Combining our botanical and technology expertise and capabilities with our inherent curiosity and drive to innovate.

Where science meets the market

Connecting ethnobotany, phytochemistry, clinical research, production technologies and analytical methods with market insights, with the aim to provide novel health solutions to consumers.

Driven by innovation

As an organization, we care about improving the wellbeing of consumers. We keep expanding our knowledge and expertise in order to create botanical extracts and ingredients of outstanding quality.

We are driven by the ambition to improve the wellbeing of people globally and to expand our offering by 5% new product references yearly.

Our guidance comes from the market, our business partners and more early-stage innovation sources. Our inspiration comes from nature, not only by understanding the traditional use (ethnobotany) of plants, but also applying our phytochemical, biochemical and technical expertise.

Our branded ingredients are supported by our own clinical studies, conducted together with renowned research institutes. We also strive to protect our customers’ business by investing significantly into intellectual property.

Working together

Our team is made up of scientists and technicians with diverse backgrounds in life sciences, natural products and ethnobotany, which allows us to create consumer-driven, innovative solutions.

We combine basic and applied research to obtain new scientific knowledge and analyse properties, structures and relationships, both leading us to develop new innovative ingredients.

While new products are generally conceived in R&D, developing them is a quest shared by the entire company. Our innovation process allows to seamlessly include all key functions and expertise to contribute and challenge our developments all the way, from ideation to market launch. This way we can strive to develop market-relevant actives at the highest possible quality standard, always considering the three pillars of sustainability.

Boosting the potential of our products

Versatile pilot processing to extract from roots, stems, leaves and fruits for product standardization to multiple actives.

Considering the bigger picture

Our experts are driven to design and optimize manufacturing processes, ensuring the best integration of our products in your applications.

Be it capsules or tablets, beverages and various food applications – we take an idea from its birth to working with prototypes at laboratory scale all the way to the most advanced steps of the development process. From there, we work on the scaling up as well as on the continuous optimization of the performance of our industrial processes.

In the design of formulations we do not stop in the physicochemical characteristics, such as density, flowability, solubility or bioavailability. We go the extra mile to demonstrate that our formulations perform in the targeted applications.

Relying on analytical research

For us, the development of new technologies and processes is associated in a non-negotiable way with our analytical capabilities to meet the objectives set in the development of a product.

We have the knowledge, personnel and equipment needed to carry out the development of analytical methodologies, allowing us to identify, monitor and quantify most of the plant’s secondary metabolites.

Our pilot plant guarantees the proper scaling-up of the processes from idea to prototypes and pilot batches.

We use high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, electrophoresis, spectophotometry and fluorimetry, colorimetry, mass spectrophotometry, qRT-PCR amongst others.

Did you know?

Beside investing approx. 10% of our annual revenue in R&D, 15% of our staff is devoted to Research and Development.